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Sadjad University

Discipline list A-Z

1. Architectural Engineering B.Sc.
2. Architectural Engineering M.Sc.
3. Biomedical Engineering B.Sc.
4. Biomedical Engineering (Bio-Electric) M.Sc.
5. Civil Engineering B.Sc.
6. Civil Engineering (Construction Management) M.Sc.
7. Civil Engineering (Earthquake) M.Sc.
8. Civil Engineering (Geotechnics) M.Sc.
9. Civil Engineering (Structure) M.Sc.
10. Computer Engineering B.Sc.
11. Computer Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) M.Sc.
12. Computer Engineering (Computer Networks) M.Sc.
13. Computer Engineering (Security Engineering) M.Sc.
14. Computer (Software) A.Sc.
15. Computer Engineering (Software) M.Sc.
16. Computer (Software) Engineering (non-continuous Bachelor’s degree) B.Sc.
17. Computer Sciences B.Sc.
18. Electrical Engineering B.Sc.
19. Electrical Engineering (Control) M.Sc.
20. Electrical Engineering (Digital Electronic Systems) M.Sc.
21. Electrical Engineering (Electronics) Ph.D.
22. Electrical Engineering (Electronic Integrated Circuits) M.Sc.
23. Electrical Engineering (Planning and Management of Electrical Energy Systems) M.Sc.
24. Electrical Engineering (Power Systems) M.Sc.
25. Electrical Engineering (Secure Communication and Cryptography) M.Sc.
26. Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication System) M.Sc.
27. Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication System) Ph.D.
28. Energy Engineering B.Sc.
29. Industrial Engineering B.Sc.
30. Industrial Engineering (Manufacturing and Service Systems) M.Sc.
31. Industrial Engineering (Modeling of Systems and Analyzing Data) M.Sc.
32. Industrial Management B.A.
33. Law B.A.
34. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering B.Sc.
35. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (Materials Characterization and Selection) M.Sc.
36. Mechanical Engineering B.Sc.
37. Mechanical Engineering (Energy Conversion) M.Sc.
38. Psychology B.A.
39. Sports Sciences B.A.
40. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) B.A.
41. Urban Engineering B.Sc.
42. Urban Planning M.Sc.