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Sadjad University


Sadjad University

“on the path of transformation, development, and impact on society

The mission of Sadjad University is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest national levels of excellence. With an emphasis on pioneering science and technology, Sadjad University aims to expand knowledge boundaries and promote research. Enhancing the pedagogic reputation of the university is another objective of Sadjad University.

The Vision of Sadjad University

Relying on the capacity of its members and constructive interaction with relevant institutions, Sadjad University has provided a vibrant, dynamic, innovative, and skills-oriented university. Having an independent identity, Sadjad University is a pioneer in offering demand-driven educational and research services, commercialization of knowledge, societal impact, and sustainable income generation, and will be positioned as the top non-profit university in the country until 1406.

Strategies of Sadjad University

- Developing engineering, humanities, and experimental sciences fields

- Increasing quantitative and qualitative enrollment of international students

- Enhancing job skills and entrepreneurship, as well as promoting motivation, creativity, and innovation among students

- Increasing the number of applied, demand-driven projects and effective communication with industry and society

-Achieving the standards set by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology for the improvement of the university ranking.

- Supplying and updating educational, research, and cultural hardware and software facilities in accordance with the relevant standards, and maximizing the use of facilities both within and outside the university

- Developing organizing, and customizing physical structures in accordance with the characteristics and needs of each part of the university

- Developing open learning and providing specialized services and consultancy

- Strengthening the organizational structure and processes of the university

- Developing the public relations system, information dissemination, and university advertising

- Increasing motivation levels and enhancing capacity utilization and synergy among university members

- Expanding constructive interactions and collaboration with national and international educational, research, cultural, sports, economic, etc. centers

- Having active interaction with planning and executive institutions and individuals in educational, research, and student-related fields

- Providing the ground for increased student participation in university affairs and strengthening the sense of belonging to the university

- Enhancing university's extraordinary activities to increase inclusivity, impact, self-confidence, and identity-building within the university community

- Developing financial management and administrative system of the university

- Planning and implementing activities related to preserving and improving the environmental conditions of the university