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Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Urbanism

The Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism deliver engineering research and education focusing on urban spaces, buildings and infrastructure engineering.

In this department, students of architecture learn about the architectural concepts, history, and design as well as building structure, mechanics and other technical aspects in preparation to become a professional architect in the building industry, while Urbanism students learn about infrastructure, design, and planning of urban, regional, and rural settlements, to become a Professional Urban Developer. Civil engineers design roads and bridges, municipal water systems, sewer systems, and wastewater treatment plants, dams and irrigation channels, excavations and slope-stability projects.

Architecture and Urbanism groups of the Department have started to work in 2015 and 2016 respectively, each with the admission of 60 students.

The Department is aiming to be an authority in planning, design and construction fields, by offering top-quality studies and conducting first-rate research. Prospects of the Department include attracting experienced faculty members, the establishment of M.Sc. degrees disciplines, an increase of educational and research facilities and promotion to the highest level of national universities.