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Celebrating the top professors and students Sajdad University

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سه‌شنبه، ۳۰ خرداد ۰۲

A distinguished ceremony was hosted to bestow honor upon the foremost professors of the year 1401. The event was graced by the presence of the founding board members, faculty members, visiting professors, and a large number of students.

On this special occasion, tributes were paid to the selected veterans including Dr. Ghoshe Abed Hodtani, the professor of the Electrical engineering Department, Mr. Seyed Mohammad Ali Mirkhani, the visiting professor of the Electrical Engineering Department and Basic sciences (Physics), Dr. Seyed Hossein Orei Namzadi, the visiting professor and advisor of the Basic Sciences Department (Mathematics), Mr. Taghi Asadollahi, the educational advisor of the university, Dr. Seyed Ali Akbar Kosheshgaran, the faculty member of the Department of Architecture and Urban Engineering, and Mr. Mehdi Yousefi, the manager of the workshops.

Subsequently, Dr. Amir Masood Aminiyan Modarres, the preeminent professor of the university, and Dr. Sara Rahmani, the top head of the university, were venerated. Some selected faculty members including Dr. Behzad Bakhtiyari (from Faculty of Computer and Information Technology Engineering), Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Ali Hashemi (from Faculty of Civil, Architecture, and Urban Engineering), Dr. Monireh Ahmadi Manesh (from Faculty of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Samaneh Farahati (from Faculty of Humanities), and Dr. Mohsen Ghayeni (from Faculty of Electrical and Medical Engineering) were also honored.

Public Relations