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The success of Sadjad University teams in international student programming competitions

Public Relations
سه‌شنبه، ۳۰ خرداد ۰۲

The 23rd international student programming competition (known as ICPC) was hosted by Sharif University of Technology on May 18 and 19, 2023 (Ordibehesht 28 and 29, 1402). Computer engineering faculty of Sadjad University dispatched two teams to this competition and could achieve the 15th academic rank among 62 teams from 38 universities.

It is worth mentioning that the rank achieved by Sadjad University is better than that gained by many state universities. Moreover, Sadjad University has won the first rank among all the universities of Khorasan and Semnan provinces (i.e. district 9)

We congratulate team members, team supervisor, Dr. Aminian Modarres, and all the faculty members and students of the Computer Engineering faculty on this achievement.

Names of the team members:

Seyyed Ahmad Hashemi Najafi

Reza Mokrramdost Delkhah

Seyed Mohammad Sina Keshmiri

Nadia Gholampour

Nilofar Rakhshi

Fatemeh Keshtegar

Coach: Sajjad Sanami Mesgaran

Supervisor: Dr. Amir Farid Aminian Modarres

Public Relations