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Successful career path conference in digital businesses

Open Learning Center of Sadjad University
دوشنبه، ۲۸ آذر ۰۱

During the joint cooperation of the Open Learning Center of Sajdad University of Mashhad and Faravin Bootcamp, a conference held for students and those interested in technology specialization to introduce short-term courses at Sadjad University.

At the beginning of conference, Dr. Amin Noori told a history about the Open Learning Center. He gave a speech about the cooperation of the Open Learning Center of Sadjad University with various collections.

Engineer Riahi, the CEO of Datin Company gave a speech regarding the talent discovery process from the university to the job market. Then, Dr. Ansarizadeh, career path consultant, gave a detailed speech about Faravin Group's work process, from training to employment and finding a career path.

In this event, Faravin consultants explained the following topics in detail:

1- Are the university and the field I study enough for the job market?

2- Do I have the talent? is this career path suitable for me?

3- Where should I go for an internship to learn specialized skills?

4- Is there a job opportunity after training?

5- Is there a mechanism that has a way to big companies?

6- If I am not a computer major, can I still be in this career path?

At the end, two of the graduates of Faravin Group spoke briefly about their experience in this path from education to employment and answered the audience's questions.

According to the agreements made between the Open Learning Center and Faravin Group, training classes and workshops will be held for those interested in this field.

Open Learning Center of Sadjad University