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Research Center

Sadjad Research Center Products

1 Solar power monitoring system

Solar power monitoring system with direct connection to the inverter device allows you to view all of the set parameters including voltages, currents, instantaneous and total power generation, and power generation charts in the form of daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports either locally on the LCD or through the web site.

Designed system provides following functions:

• Internet connectivity on LAN, GPRS, WiFi.
• Monitoring the power and voltage of the system.
• Monitoring annual, monthly, weekly, and daily reports.
• Defining critical situations and send an alert either by SMS or Web
• Display all information locally on the LCD
• Display intelligent electricity meters
• Check and adjust the inverter performance parameters
• And…

2 Vehicle tracking system or Automatic vehicle location

Automatic vehicle location (AVL) combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. Therefore, AVL system is able to control the traffic, track and monitor the transport, take security and safety of vehicles.

2.1 Sepahtan Project:
One of the products of Sajad Research Center is AVL Tracking which is named as SEPAHTAN. This product is competitive with foreign counterparts not only in terms of system design and implementation, incorporating all standards, but also it is economically feasible.

This product has all the requirements for in-car detector system, such as:

• Has a communication system using the G and DSRC substrates
• Has the ability to use GLONASS and GPS substrates simultaneously
• Has the ability to use DIVERSITY technology to improve the quality of the GSM signal
• Has a communications system with the police servers
• Use of an intelligent power supply system to reduce the power consumption of the device and also the ability to operate the device in a variety of different environments
• The ability to transfer device information via USB FLASH and MICRO SD CARD communication devices
• Transferring different data (events and reports) and sending them to the server (monitoring)
• Acceptance of data and settings from server (control)
• Software Updates through Server (FOTA)
• Routeability via GPS
• Has the ability to communicate with a Smart Certificate Card
• Ability to take pictures through the camera interface
• The ability to communicate with all vehicle’s ECU of

3 Electrical Machines Laboratory

In this design, the protection is all-encompassing and all risks and hazards that students may encounter during their experiments were identified and the necessary safeguards are taken into account.

The Electrical Machine System lab consists of main panel and two lateral parts (resistive load table and two auto transformer). These two lateral parts are placed beside the main table due to their large volume.

Details for the Machine Lab System is given as bellow:

• Main fuses
• Emergency Disconnect switch
• AC section and measuring equipment (including voltages of 220V, 380V and ampermeters, voltmeters and AC meters)
• DC section and measuring instruments (including voltages of 110 and 220 volts, and 0-110 and 202 volts of Amprometer and Voltmeter DC voltages)
• City power grid as well as having a constant voltage of 380 V for the test of an asynchronous three-phase motor
• Display section of Tacometer and Tacrometer
• Electromechanical protection section (Includes internal micro-switches for autotransparents and bimetals to protect the engine during startup and overload)
• Load-bearing system (single-phase and three-phase) and autotransformer (single-phase and three-phase)
• Chassis (Including the rail path for motors and pressed plastic material for engine couplers)

4 Industrial electronics laboratory

The electronics laboratory equipment is usually supplied in the form of a laboratory set. Sajad Research Centre has been designing and manufacturing a complete set of industrial electronics labs to cover following topics:

• Introduction to Industrial Electronics components
• Introduction to different types of single and three phase rectifiers
• Single and three phase Cyclo Controller and three phase
• Chopper circuits
• Single-phase inverter circuits
• Driver circuit

5 Life protection relay

In most countries, the use of life protection relay is mandatory after the meter. These relays are used for both single-phase mainly for domestic applications and three phase for industrial applications.

This relay composed of electronic circuit and its power consumption is negligible. It should be located after the meter or the main fuse box.

6 Smart controller for gate automation

The system provides following benefits for both user and

Benefits to the user:
• Operated via remote controller or mobile device
• Higher security in software than other counterpart similar products
• Open both main and parking gate via a remote or a smart phone
• Using smart phone app (Farsi language – Easy to use)
• Door status logging to make sure gate is closed

Benefits to the installer
• Simple installation (similar to the typical one)
• Stop or reverse function when hit obstacle
• Disconnect the power supply if there is an issue with motors
• Colorful display for setting the desired parameters (engine speed, opening and closing time, collision with obstacles and so on)
• System diagnosis in mobile phone software, techno-technical version
• The ability to provide technical reports of system performance in a techno-technical version