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Sadjad University of Technology


Sadjad University of Technology was the first nonprofit university accredited by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in 1995, entitled originally Sadjad Institute of Higher Educations, in Mashhad, Iran.  In 2015, it was promoted to Sadjad University of Technology.

Sadjad University of Technology was founded with the school of Electrical engineering. Shortly, other academic departments have been added to the university based on the national and international demands. The current departments are Computer and Information Technology Engineering (1995), Electrical and Biomedical Engineering(1995), Industrial Engineering and Management (2003), Civil, Architecture and Urban Engineering (2011) and Mechanical and Materials Engineering (2012).

Currently, in Sadjad University of Technology over 4500 students are studying in two Ph.D. disciplines, 20 M.Sc. disciplines, 15 B.Sc. disciplines, and one disciplines of Associate’s degree.

With nearly 25 years of activity, more than 10000 of our graduates entered the industry or continued their studies at prestigious universities both in Iran and abroad.

It is noticeable that merely in 2016 over 570 of Sadjad graduates admitted to master of science courses at top-ranked national universities.