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Sadjad University


History of Sadjad University

Sadjad University was the first nonprofit university in Mashhad, Iran accredited by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology in 1995. It was originally named Sadjad Institute of Higher Education and was promoted to Sadjad University in 2015.

The first faculty established in Sadjad University was the faculty of Electrical Engineering. Shortly after, other faculties were added to the university based on national and international demands. The existing faculties are Computer and Information Technology Engineering (founded in 1995), Electrical and Biomedical Engineering (founded in 1995), Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering (founded in 2003), Civil, Architecture, and Urban Engineering (founded in 2011), and Humanities (founded in 2020).

Based on the ranking released by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, this university has continuously been classified as a top-tier non-profit university in the country. According to the statistics announced by Sanjesh Organization, Sadjad University has had about 3500 admissions in the national entrance exam for Master’s degree during the last five years. This achievement, along with the prominent presence of the graduates of this university in various sectors of the industry, is one of the remarkable successes of this university.

Sadjad University offers educational programs at all levels of undergraduate, Master’s and doctoral. According to the statistics, this university is the first choice for applicants after Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

Founding board members of Sadjad University are a group of university professors and industrial elites in Iran. This university is the first university in Iran whose establishment began with the creation of an industrial research center. This center is currently operating as the main research hub within the university.

At present, over 4500 students are studying in this university in different academic programs including two Ph.D. disciplines, 21 M.Sc. disciplines, 16 B.Sc. and B.A. disciplines, and one discipline of Associate’s degree.

After about 30 years of the establishment of Sadjad University, over 15000 of its graduates have entered the industry or continued their studies at prestigious universities within Iran or abroad.

Sadjad University graduates have always been brilliant. The noticeable point is that merely in 2022 over 4000 Sadjad graduates were admitted to M.Sc. programs at top-ranked public universities.