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دانشگاه صنعتی سجاد

Public Relations and International Affairs Unit

Public Relations and International Affairs Unit of the university dedicates all its efforts to managing and maintaining relationships between the university and its audiences. This unit intelligently strives to apply the programs and objectives of the university, based on ethical principles and professional mission, in the form of a planned program in order to achieve and preserve the interests of the university and students. The Public Relations management is committed to developing internal and external university interactions. By utilizing new technologies and electronic public relations, in addition to optimizing the dissemination of news and information, this unit endeavors to create a better and more effective communication between the university and its target community and audiences. It also takes steps toward achieving the university's goals by planning and using resources efficiently.

The Public Relations Unit of Sadjad University, which directly operates under the supervision of the president of the university, is responsible for the important task of information dissemination within Sadjad University and the scientific community of the country. This unit plays a crucial role in the interactions of the university, professors, students, and research and scientific centers. Timely dissemination of news, scientific achievements, and development of research in universities is another activity performed by the Public Relations Unit.

• Managing and executing the affairs related to media and external communications of the university

• Managing and executing the affairs related to the preparation of reports on scientific meetings, conferences, and important workshops at the university in order to inform the audiences

• Developing intra- and extra- university communications

• Developing and organizing the notification and information-seeking system

• Developing the introduction of the university to the target community

– Developing programs, policies, and strategies for news, media, advertisement, and publication based on the relevant regulations

– Daily production of news and reports on university activities and disseminating them in the related media

– Summarizing and preparing lists of university activities at various stages for publication in Sadjad University publications and bulletins (such as the university website, virtual communication systems like LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, Aparat, etc.)

– Inviting the mass media for coverage of ceremonies and conferences at the university, preparing and arranging university news, and disseminating it in the mass media (news agencies, newspapers, radio and television, and news websites)

– Collecting any necessary news and information to be disseminated on the university website and newsletter

– Controlling and supervising news and information that can be embedded on the website

– Designing and printing university promotional brochures

– Producing various video clips of the university with research, educational, and student-oriented approaches

– Collaborating with other units to improve the university's Webometrics rank

– Designing banners and ceremonial clips throughout the year

– Managing the executive affairs of organizing ceremonies and conferences related to relevant units according to their approved program

– Equipping and preparing the university's assembly hall for holding programs and ceremonies and filming and photographing all university activities and programs

• Collaborating to showcase amphitheater programs on the university's channel on Aparat

• Filming and photographing the intended programs both inside and outside the university

• Converting captured videos and images into usable formats

• Archiving and regular maintenance of categorized films and photos

• Taking photos and, if necessary, filming scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops

• Creating and editing a video bank of appropriate teasers for university events to be played during various university sessions

• Facilitating the presence of university colleagues in television channels

• Receiving reports on activities, plans, and programs of the vice presidents and educational departments

• Editing and uploading videos related to university news on social media pages of the university

• Creating and publishing electronic newsletters of the university and special newsletters

– Establishing communication with university alumni

• Collecting and reviewing feedback, suggestions, and criticisms, and conveying them to relevant centers with the aim of improving the overall performance of the university and determining the level of satisfaction in line with the university's goals and activities

– Establishing continuous and effective communication with the university's president, vice presidents, heads, and employees to obtain information and news, and respond to their expectations from Public Relations and the media

• Establishing communication with other organizations, especially the centers following the same aims

– Following up on the organization of special exhibitions to introduce the university's activities

• Supervising the preparation of promotional gifts with the aim of introducing the university

• Carrying out advertising activities in scientific events

• Conducting surveys in various fields

• Collecting videos related to university news, such as the news produced by radio and television channels and the programs attended by professors and university presidents

• Publishing reports on the university's performance in the form of books, booklets, and performance bulletins in various stages

• Planning external communication affairs and providing opportunities for audiences outside the university to meet with the university officials

• Reflecting the opinions and attitudes of the audiences toward the university's performance and services to university officials using various information dissemination methods

• Planning the visit of students and managers of office of education from the university

• Installing various ads, flyers, and banners in designated locations at the university

– Including the text of news and events on the university's Dot-Matrix display.

1. Written Communication
• University news in printed media and press
• Magazine
• Brochure
• Catalog
2. Digital Communication
• University website
• University social networks (Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, etc.)
• Aparat (Iranian video sharing platform)
3. Relationships with the Media
Having relationships with the media including printed, visual, auditory, and virtual ones

Dr. Amin Noori

Director of Public Relations and International Affairs Unit
telephone: +98(51)36029000-146

Ms. Sommayeh Moghaddam Zadeh Kashani

Expert of Public Relations
telephone: +98(51)36029000-146
  • Direct Telephone Line:


  • University Telegram: 🆔 @Sadjad_University

  • Public Relations Telegram: 🆔 @PR_Sadjad_University

  • Instagram:

Establishing and strengthening effective relations with International Relations Unit of the Ministry

  • Being responsible for planning and coordinating international conferences, seminars, and national seminars
  • Creating the necessary conditions to enhance communication between university research centers and reputable international research centers in order to implement joint projects through signing memorandum of understanding
  • Developing strategies to attract foreign students interested in studying in approved university discipline
  • Ensuring desired coordination in the university's relations with the representative office of international organizations in Iran

Ensuring desired coordination in the foreign relations of universities with International Unit of the Ministry.

Contracting with foreign parties in the presence of the International Relations representative.

  • Developing internal regulations for university and international relations activities

Signing memoranda of understanding and contracts to establish and strengthen multilateral cooperation with other countries, organizations, and international associations in various educational and research fields