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Non-Iranian Student Affairs

The expansion of international scientific relations is an undeniable trend in the scientific progress and the improvement of the quality of higher education. International universities can promote cultural and social advancement in communities by creating common discourse among different cultures. Internationalization of universities can also improve the quality of educational and research activities.Therefore, in view of the priority of the internationalization of the university and in order to actively participate in the global arena, attracting international students, alongside educating Iranian students, is considered to be one of the important duties of the university. To this end, and in line with the objectives of the development strategy document of Sadjad University, this university was granted the permission from the Office of Higher Education Expansion of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology to admit non-Iranian students.
Sadjad University accepts students for undergraduate and postgraduate programs from among qualified non-Iranian applicants based on the Admission Regulations for Non-Iranian Students.
Holding a strong academic reputation within the country, Sadjad University offers exceptional programs in different academic departments at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, where students are mentored by world-class faculty members and excellent teaching staff. Furthermore, the university's state-of-the-art educational and research facilities including a modern library, well-equipped research labs, and technical workshops provide opportunities for the students not only to develop their skills and interests but also to get involved in entrepreneurship programs and industry collaborations. Finally, its relatively lower tuition compared to other universities of the region, makes Sadjad University an affordable destination, especially for international students from neighboring countries.

Sadjad University accepts students for undergraduate and postgraduate programs from among qualified non-Iranian applicants based on the Admission Regulations for Non-Iranian Students.


1. Electrical Engineering (Electronics)

2. Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication System)


1. Computer Engineering (Software)

2. Computer Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics)

3. Computer Engineering (Security Engineering)

4. Computer Engineering (Computer Networks)

5. Civil Engineering (Geotechnics)

6. Civil Engineering (Structure)

7. Civil Engineering (Construction Management)

8. Civil Engineering (Earthquake)

9. Architectural Engineering

10. Urban Planning

11. Electrical Engineering (Control)

12. Electrical engineering (Electronic Integrated Circuits)

13. Electrical Engineering (Power Systems)

14. Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication System)

15. Electrical Engineering (Digital Electronic Systems)

16. Electrical Engineering (Planning and Management of Electrical Energy Systems)

17. Biomedical Engineering (Bio-Electric)

18. Industrial Engineering (Manufacturing and Service Systems)

19. Industrial Engineering (Modeling of Systems and Analyzing Data)

20. Mechanical Engineering (Energy Conversion)

21. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (Materials Characterization and Selection)


1. Electrical Engineering

2. Biomedical Engineering

3. Civil Engineering

4. Architectural Engineering

5. Urban Engineering

6. Energy engineering

7. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

8. Industrial Engineering

9. Mechanical Engineering

10. Computer Engineering

11. Computer Sciences

12. Industrial Management

13. Sports Sciences

14. Law

15. Psychology

16. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Approximate Tuition for Fall Semester 2023 (in Rials) (unique to Afghan students)

Approximate Tuition for Fall Semester 2023 (in Rials)

Academic level










Explanation 1: The following students are eligible for a 5% tuition discount each semester:

1. Graduates of Sadjad University in the previous level

2. Students who are studying simultaneously with a family member (including brother, sister, spouse, parents, and the children of students)

Explanation 2: Students with an overall GPA of at least 18 in the previous level are eligible for a 5% tuition discount in the first semester. If they continue to maintain a GPA of at least 18 in subsequent semesters, the discount will be applied in subsequent semesters as well.

Explanation 3: If a student meets more than one condition of Explanations 2 and 3, he/she will be eligible for a maximum of 10% tuition discount.

Explanation 4: A student who withdraws from the university is required to pay the tuition for one academic semester.

Explanation 5: The tuition amounts listed in the table above are for the first semester of 2023 and in subsequent semesters, tuition will be in accordance with the tuition set by the University Board of Trustees.

Ph.D. Programs

Required Documents and Registration Steps

1. Filling in the Application form (Download Ph.D. Application Form)

2. Making a high-quality scanned copy of the following documents:

- Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume including a list of jobs and responsibilities held, all academic degrees earned, and classes taken in chronological order

- Bachelor's and Master's degrees (graduation certificates) and complete academic transcripts (complete record of the courses passed and marks earned in each subject)

- The passport's main page which shows the applicant's photo and passport expiration date

- A 3*4 photo of the applicant

3. Submitting the Application form along with all the above-mentioned documents to or to +9809028690435 on WhatsApp.

To see Doctoral Regulations, please click here.

Master’s Programs

Required Documents and Registration Steps

1. Filling in the Application form (Download Master’s Application Form)

2. Making a high-quality scanned copy of the following documents:

- Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume including a list of jobs and responsibilities held, all academic degrees earned, and classes taken in chronological order

- The official copy of Bachelor's degree (graduation certificate) and complete academic transcripts (complete record of the courses passed and marks earned in each subject)

- The passport's main page which shows the applicant's photo and passport expiration date

- A 3*4 photo of the applicant

3. Submitting the Application form along with all the above-mentioned documents to or to +9809028690435 on WhatsApp.

To see Master’s Regulations, please click here.

Bachelor’s Programs

Admission Requirements

- The average GPA of high school diploma and pre-university education for applicants to the bachelor's degree program must be at least 12 out of 20.

- Applicants who hold an Associate’s degree in technical and vocational fields (applied sciences, etc.) do not need to provide a pre-university degree and their Associate’s degree certificate will be considered as a pre-university diploma.

Required Documents and Registration Steps

1. Filling in the Application form (Download Bachelor’s Application Form)

2. Making a high-quality scanned copy of the following documents:

- The official copy of previous graduation certificates and complete academic transcripts (complete record of the courses passed and marks earned in each subject)

- The passport's main page which shows the applicant's photo and passport expiration date

- A 3*4 photo of the applicant

3. Submitting the Application form along with all the above-mentioned documents to or to +9809028690435 on WhatsApp.

To see Bachelor’s Regulations, please click here.

A View of the Holy City of Mashhad The holy city of Mashhad is located in the province of Khorasan Razavi, one of the historical and religious provinces of Iran. This city hosts about 27 million domestic and foreign visitors annually who travel to this place for pilgrimage and religious ceremonies. The main reason for this large number of passengers and tourists is the presence of the shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH) in Mashhad. This city is also very rich culturally. Generally, Mashhad is a pilgrimage, touristic, religious, relaxing, and cheerful city. It is a city with good economy and superior industries, and a city built based on modern technology and with adequate security at the global level.

Features of Mashhad

- An inspiring center with world-class tourism services and a place for Shias and lovers of Ali bin Musa al-Reza (PBUH).

- A balanced and developed city, especially in pilgrimage, touristic, cultural, social, and economical aspects.

- Center and reference for the interactions of the service economy and superior industries in harmony with global standards.

- A scientific center based on the cutting-edge technologies in the world.

- Having a safe economic, political, cultural, and social space and individual and social freedom for the activities of foreign and domestic citizens.

Geographical Location of Mashhad

Mashhad is a metropolis in the northeastern Iran and the capital of the Razavi Khorasan province. This city was the capital of Iran during the Afsharid dynasty. With a total area of 351 square kilometers, Mashhad is the second largest city in Iran after Tehran.

Mashhad is located in the basin of the Kashaf Rud River and in the Mashhad plain between the Hazarmasjed and the Binalud Mountains. The maximum height of Mashhad is 1,150 meters and the minimum is 950 meters.

The Climate of Mashhad

The climate of Mashhad is variable but temperate, tending to be cold and dry. The city has hot, dry summers and cold, humid winters. Winds blow mostly from the southeast to the northwest. The maximum temperature in the summer is + 43 degrees Celsius and the minimum in the winter is - 22 degrees Celsius. The city is located in a relatively dry region, so you will often experience hot days and cool, pleasant nights.

The best time to visit Mashhad is in the spring (March-May) or autumn (September-November), when the weather is mild and pleasant.

People of Mashhad

The population of Mashhad, according to the latest census conducted in 2016, is over 3,184,000, making it the second most populous city in Iran and the 95th most populous city in the world. This city, due to the presence of the Shrine of Ali ibn Musa al-Reza, the eighth Imam of the Shia religion, hosts more than 27 million pilgrims from inside and two million pilgrims from outside the country every year.

The people of this city speak Persian with the accent of Mashhadi. Most of these people are Muslims and followers of the Shiite sect. In Mashhad, religious and national holidays or mourning ceremonies are of great importance and are performed with passion, enthusiasm and a special style among the people. Usually during these time periods, the number of tourists will increase significantly compared to other times.

More than 93% of the people living in Mashhad are Persian speakers. The population density in Mashhad is over nine thousand people per square kilometer. This city was officially selected as the "Spiritual Capital of Iran" in 2009".

How to Come to Mashhad

Due to having a lot of tourists, Mashhad is one of the most crowded cities in the country all year round. The city is a magnet for visitors from all over the world. With its fragrant atmosphere and the presence of the shrine of the Eighth Imam, Imam Reza (AS), it hosts a large number of visitors every year. Due to the importance of the city of Mashhad in various aspects of tourism, economy, politics and culture, many access roads have been considered for this city.

The ways to come to Mashhad are through Railways, Ground transportation roads, and air travel.

Hashemi Nezhad International Airport

Hashemi Nezhad International Airport is located in a 540-hectare area in the southeastern part of Mashhad, at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level. This airport, which is a public-military airport, has two asphalt runways, each 3,925 and 3,811 meters long. Statistics show that Hashemi Nezhad Airport hosted 59,458 flights, 8,545,598 passengers, and 81,285 tons of cargo in 2015.

Mashhad Airport is also the second busiest airport in Iran after Mehrabad Airport. It is busier than Imam Khomeini International Airport, and has the highest number of daily inbound and outbound flights. It is said that more than 14 domestic and 16 foreign airlines fly to Mashhad International Airport, and annually 8000000 domestic and foreign passengers, 27000 Hajj pilgrims and 208000 Umrah pilgrims are transported through this airport.

Mashhad International Airport is a major hub for air travel in Iran and the Middle East. It is also an important economic and tourism center for Mashhad and the surrounding region. The airport is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, as it plays an increasingly important role in connecting Iran to the world".

Mashhad Airport has the first multi-story parking lot in Iran with a capacity of over 1,000 cars. It also offers car rental services inside and outside Iran. Good news for Mashhad passengers is that the airport was connected to Line 1 of Mashhad subway in 2015.

In addition, Mashhad Airport has one jet bridge (gate-to-aircraft connection bridge) that provides more convenience for passengers. The largest and most equipped aviation center in Mashhad is the Mashhad Airport Science, Technology and Aviation Services Training Center.

Mashhad International Airport has domestic flights to all parts of Iran, as well as international flights to Kabul, Sharjah, Dubai, Najaf, Baghdad, Kuwait International Airport, Mazar-e-Sharif, Muscat International Airport, Kandahar, Herat, Hamad International Airport, Jinnah International Airport, Ighbal Lahori International Airport, and Atatürk International Airport.

There are facilities for passengers in all three terminals of the airport. These facilities include:

- Elevators, escalators, and walkways

- Car rental (without driver), intercity and city taxi services

- City and intercity card phone services

- Internet access

- Airline traffic offices

- Ticket sales and hotel reservation offices

- Passenger guide

- Restaurants

- Booths of jewelry, saffron, souvenirs, handicrafts, perfume, glasses, and watches

- Prayer room

- CIP services, baggage packing, luggage, and lost and found items

- Disabled services, and emergency services

Mashhad Railway Station

Mashhad Railway Station is one of the oldest railway stations in the country. It was built before World War II. The province of Khorasan has extensive rail connections with all parts of the country and its neighbors due to its proximity to the northern border (Turkmenistan), eastern border with Afghanistan, southern border with Sistan and Baluchestan, Kerman and Yazd provinces, and eastern border with Isfahan, Semnan and Mazandaran provinces.

The main railway line in the province of Khorasan runs parallel to the Mashhad-Semnan-Tehran road and connects the cities of Tehran and Mashhad. The length of this line is 960 kilometers and is used for the transportation of goods and passengers.

The project to connect the national railway network of Iran to the railway network of Central Asia in order to revive the Silk Road includes the implementation of the railway network on the Mashhad-Saraks-Tajan route from Turkmenistan. This route has been added to the provincial railway network by 185 kilometers and the Mashhad-Sarakhs railway has extended from the Sanganbast station to the one of Saraks-Turkmenistan.

Attractions of Mashhad

Mashhad is one of Iran's tourism hubs in Iran, welcoming over a million visitors from Iran and Abroad every year. The presence of the shrine of Imam Reza and many other historical, touristic, and recreational attractions has made it one of the most popular touristic destinations in Iran. This city was the capital of Iran during the Afsharid dynasty and is the second largest city in Iran after Tehran. Mashhad has always been a center of attention in different historical periods due to its ideal geographical location, ideal nature, and the presence of great celebrities.

Mashhad is the spiritual capital of Iran and the most popular religious destination for Iranians. The shrine of Imam Reza, the eighth Imam of Shia Islam, is located in the city. Mashhad has also made significant progress in tourism, with a variety of historical, recreational, and cultural attractions for visitors.

In addition, the history of most of the historical sites in this city dates back to the 8th century AH. Some of these sites include the Goharshad Mosque, the Akhangan Tower, the Seventy-two Men Mosque, the Brick Dome, the Torogh Mosque,etc.

The city of Tus, which was once a major city in Iran, is now a suburb of Mashhad. Some of the remains of Tus include the Haruniyeh Dome, which is a beautiful building, and the Hor Gate, which is one of the oldest buildings in Mashhad. It is said that it was built in the 3rd century AD.

The tombs of famous people such as Nader Shah and Hakim Abulqasem Ferdowsi, as well as schools such as Abbasqoli Khan, are also among the historical sites in Mashhad.

The most important recreational attractions of this city are the surrounding villages of Mashhad, especially Shandiz and Torketab, Zoshk, Noghondar Jaghargh, Kouhsangi, Vakilabad Forest Park, Mellat Park, Akhlamad Waterfall, and many others, each of which has its own unique attractions and are all among the recreational places of interest to tourists in Mashhad.

Celebrities of Mashhad

Mashhad and the province of Khorasan are the birthplace of many celebrities including Abulqasem Ferdowsi, Sheikh Tusi, Adib Nishaburi, Jabir ibn Hayyan, Malik-al-Shoara Bahar and Mehdi Akhavan Sales.

Hakim Abulqasem Ferdowsi is a famous and renowned poet and literature figure not only in the city of Mashhad, but also in all of Iran. His tomb is in the city of Tus, and a large number of tourists visit this place every year.

Ferdowsi's tomb is both a historical attraction of Mashhad and has a lush, unique architecture and other attractions that make everyone enjoy being there, regardless of their taste in tourism.

Other famous persons of the city of Mashhad are the contemporary poet Mehdi Akhavan Sales and the music master Mohammad Reza Shajarian. Akhavan Sales was born in Mashhad in 1908. Akhavan's body was buried in Tus in the tomb of Ferdowsi, which marks a corner of the history of Mashhad. Also, the body of Shajarian was also buried in this tomb, which further increases the spiritual value of this complex.

Natural Attractions of Mashhad

Mashhad is home to many natural attractions including:

- Seven Ponds Park: This park is located in a place seven kilometers away from Mashhad. The ponds in the park are formed by chemical erosion. These naturally formed ponds have created a natural water flow.

- National Botanical Garden of Iran: This garden is built in the form of a paradise garden. It houses 180 different medicinal species and 400 genetic samples. If you are a nature lover, be sure to add this place to your itinerary.

Mashhad Botanical Garden has a variety of plants and trees, as well as cafes and restaurants. You can enjoy a drink or a snack after a walk in the garden.

Another historical attraction of Mashhad is Moghan Cave, which is located 35 kilometers away from the city. Geological explorations have shown that the cave contains snail fossils and paths that date back to 100 million years ago.

The cave also has unique rocks, stalactites, the cool water flowing in it and many other things. This makes it one of the most mysterious and interesting natural attractions in Mashhad. However, it is important to note that you should not enter the cave without a guide and safety equipment. The cave is very dangerous and you could get lost or injured if you go in alone.

Koohsangi is one of the largest amusement parks in Mashhad with mountainous and natural appearance. We especially recommend that you visit this beautiful place during your trip to Mashhad. There is a very green street called Kouhsangi Street from Kouhsangi Park to Mashhad, which is one of the most famous streets in the city.

This complex is the beautiful combination of water, stone, light and vegetation. The beautiful granite rocks of the mountain and the pure and orderly nature of this mountain make this place one of the unique attractions of Mashhad.

Vakilabad Forest Park is one of the oldest parks in Mashhad. It has a large amusement park called Koohestan Park Shadi, a zoo which is the only zoo in Mashhad with a variety of aquatic, reptile, and bird species. It also has a botanical garden, restaurant, and cafe. There is everything for a fun day out.

If you wish to spend your day in a pleasant climate Vakilabad Forest Park is the place for you. This is a place with pine and plane trees and a river that cool water flows in it in some seasons of the year, especially spring and summer, a place having pools, a place in which you can relax under the shade of the trees.

Some of the other beautiful and pleasant places to visit in Mashhad include the lush villages of Torketab, Shandiz, Jaghargh, Zoshk, Abardeh, Kang, and many other places.

Another tourist attraction in Mashhad is Shandiz resort area. Shandiz is located 38 kilometers west of Mashhad and has a pleasant climate. This area is the combination of diverse rivers, valleys, and tall plane, poplar and lilac trees, and the sound of birds such as hoopoes. The landscape, which looks like a painting, is completed by dense gardens and animals such as wild boars and wolves. Shandiz is a recreational area that also has handicraft shops and a large restaurant called Padide Shandiz, which is one of the recommended suggestions for a person travelling to Mashhad.

One of the most popular resorts in Mashhad is Torghabeh, which is only 18 kilometers away from Mashhad. The mild climate, river, variety of restaurants, souvenir shops, fruit orchards, recreational and historical sites such as Chali Darreh Dam, Golestan Dam, Lilac Valley, Daghestan Valley, and Dehbar River, which is the heart of the region, are among the reasons for its popularity. You should also add Torketab's dizi and shishlik to all of these, and do not miss the fesenjan stew and walking in its alleys. The first half of the year is the best time to go to this resort. Autumn is also beautiful, but it is one of the coldest places around Mashhad in winter. You should also include a visit to the lush village of Noghondar, a sub-district of Torketab, which is 10 kilometers away, in your schedule.

If you are visiting the village of Torghabeh, do not forget to visit Chali Darreh Dam. Chali Darreh is one of the tributaries of Torketab, which provides the possibility of boating on the dam and fishing for tourists. Chali Darreh also has a cable car.

Mashhad has large, lush, and beautiful parks including Mellat Park, Rood Park, Koohshar Park, Khorshid Park, and many more.

Commercial, Touristic, and Recreational Attractions in Mashhad

Mashhad has many indoor and outdoor pools such as Water Waves Land, Mojhaye Khorushan Water Park, Aftab, Armaghan, and many others. Water Waves Land is one of the largest indoor water parks in Iran. This water park can create an unforgettable day for people who love water and water games. This vast pool has exciting slides, Turkish bath, children's slide, massage, nursery, restaurant, cafe, wave pool, sauna, jacuzzi, etc. These are just some of the facilities and entertainment options of this water park.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting day out, be sure to visit Water Waves Land. You will not be disappointed!

This recreational water park is open all seasons, especially summer, and has significant festivals or discounts. Therefore, if you want to experience this water activity at the best possible time, summer is the best choice.

One of the attractions of Mashhad for pilgrims and citizens is the numerous and luxurious shopping centers that allow them to buy the necessary items and souvenirs. In fact, these shopping centers can be included in the list of places to see in Mashhad, because most tourists and pilgrims do not leave their trip to Mashhad without visiting the luxury and new shopping centers as well as the old and famous passages. Perhaps that is why the number of markets and passages in this pilgrimage city is increasing day by day so that travelers can choose what they want easily.

Almas shargh shopping center is a modern and Islamic shopping mall located in Sepah commercial and tourism district. What is noticeable in this building is its modern and Islamic architecture; in the dome part of this building a structure similar to diamond can be seen. This is the reason why it has been called Almas Shargh. This 6-storey shopping mall has 1,500 commercial units, restaurants, fast food, cafes, multi-storey parking, prayers room, meeting room, jumping fountain and airline agencies. There are a variety of shopping options available to you, from a variety of household appliances, utensils and crystal to branded clothing, bags and shoes, computers and mobile phones, handicrafts, etc. With such variety, you will not be left empty-handed.

Armitage Golshan Shopping Center is a 34-story, 150-meter-high luxury shopping mall. The commercial floors are located from -1 to +3 floors. The mall has three entrances from Golshan and Haft Tir streets, which makes it easy for visitors to access. There is also a footbridge on Haft Tir Street that leads to the second commercial floor.

Vesal Shopping Center is a 6-story, 400-unit shopping mall with a variety of stores including reputable brands. However, a large portion of the units in this complex are dedicated to furniture and wooden supplies. In fact, the first four floors of this shopping center are designated for a permanent furniture exhibition, making it an excellent option for Mashhadi citizens to purchase a variety of furniture, from classic and modern sofas to dining tables and wooden household items. In the other units of this Shopping Center, you can find a variety of clothing, bags and shoes, cosmetics and toiletries, dried fruits, souvenirs, perfume, etc.

Proma Shopping Center was opened in 2004. This center has modern facilities which differentiate it from other shopping centers. It is a four-story shopping mall with 250 stores located on Ferdowsi Avenue in Mashhad. Proma is one of the most popular shopping malls in Mashhad and offers a wide variety of products including clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, electronics, and more. The mall also has a large supermarket and a food court.

Proma is a great place to find everything you need for your shopping needs. The mall is open from 10am to 10pm daily and is easily accessible by public transportation. Proma also has free parking for visitors.

If you are looking for a great shopping experience in Mashhad, Proma Shopping Center is a great option.

Alton Commercial Tower is a popular shopping center for tourists. It is a 25-story building, with only three floors dedicated to commercial units. The most popular items sold in the tower are bags and shoes, especially leather, from reputable brands. Other items such as home appliances, audio and video equipment, and clothing can also be found in this place.

This place is one of the best options for buying luxury items, and since it has a good variety in terms of quality and price, it satisfies every taste and budget. If you go to this tower during seasonal sales, you will be able to buy quality goods at a reasonable price. In the fourth floor of Alton Tower, there is the famous restaurant "Pesaran-e Karim", which is a popular place for eating traditional Iranian food.

Kian Center is one of the most famous luxury shopping centers in Mashhad. It consists of two shopping centers called Kian Center 1 and Kian Center 2. Kian Center 1 has 83 commercial units in 6 floors that are active in the field of clothing, decorative items, etc.

Kian Center 2 has 150 commercial units that are located on the ground floor to the third floor. This complex is also equipped with a large indoor amusement park, food court and hypermarket. Kian Center food court operates on the +5 floor of the complex and includes an open and covered area, the open area of which is equipped with two cinema screens for live broadcasting of sports matches and movies. Some of the items that are sold in this complex include various seasonal clothing, children's clothing, bags and shoes, perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries, kitchen utensils, jewelry, etc. In addition, the Lego City amusement park with 80 exciting games including bowling, billiards, 7D cinema, sled, rotating chocolate, video games, etc. allows children and adults to have fun together.

Village Tourist Commercial Complex has four floors with modern and beautiful architecture. With 260 commercial units, it offers the opportunity to shop, play and have fun in one place. The basement floor is dedicated to cafe and food court, which, thanks to their high variety and high quality items, are a good choice to take a rest after a busy day.

The first, second and third floors have been designed to sell a variety of products from clothing and toys to food, audio and video products and Mashhad souvenirs. On the fourth floor of this complex, there is a bowling club, billiards and a children's playground, and any person at any age can enjoy this environment.

Of course, there are many other luxury commercial and tourism centers in this city. In this section, only some of these centers were mentioned.

Religious Attractions of Mashhad

Among the religious touristic attractions of Mashhad which is worth visiting, Mashhad brick dome, the tomb of Khajeh Rabi, the tomb of the old saddler of Mashhad and the holy shrine of Imam zadeh Nasr and Yaser (PBUH) can be named. These religious attractions of Mashhad have a very long history, a spiritual and inspiring atmosphere, a small but beautiful green space and a pleasant atmosphere that will help you to have a better spiritual and spiritual feeling.

Dr. Fahimeh Sabouri

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